Our DJ & Techs

Chris Jin

Chris Jin join in the technical team of KNL Productions since the start of the company. A technology expert, Chris is very detail-oriented in his work making sure everything works well and smoothly. He is always there to support the events and his colleagues. KNL Productions is very happy to have Chris be part of the team.

Du Cuong Tram

Du Cuong Tram has been involved with KNL since 2016. With his background in engineering, Du Cuong delivers excellent quality to any events; bringing solutions to facilitate structure and organization, maximizing the fun and success of the event. With his positive personality, Du is a great team player. His presence brings joy and passion to his colleagues.

Abasi Thomas

Abasi Thomas, known as DJ Nightfire is from Trinidad. His unexpectedness, spontaneous but smooth transitions make him an exceptional DJ. Abasi specialized in mixing Hip Hop, G-Funk, RnB and of course Reggae/Dancehall music. His love for music granted him the nickname LSB - Little Sound Boy since he was young. DJ Nightlife has DJ'ed for all kinds of crowds in all kinds of places. He loves representing KNL and making people dance all night long!

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